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On our vegetable farm, you have the opportunity to get insights into the life and work of a Namibian vegetable farmer.

Maize field at our farm

Sun set

The giant turnip harvest

Game drives:

We offer game drives and small farm tours. In addition to the typical Namibian bush landscape, you can discover a lot of wildlife at Tigerquelle. We live together with numerous duikers, steenboks, warthogs, kudus and many more.

Elen antelope in our fields


Enjoy the tranquility of our idyllic farm with many farm animals such as dogs and cats, rabbits, goats, donkeys and horses, pigs, ducks and chickens. At our pool and in our garden you can unwind and come to rest. Besides, you can observe many different birds that feed in our fruit trees.

Horse riding:

Here you see Custard, our good-natured horse. Horse riding costs 100 N$ / hour.

Horse riding at Tigerquelle

Anne is riding her horse

The horse can be ridden by our guests

Day tours:

Self drivers can enjoy day trips to the Hoba meteorite or to the Living Museum of the San in Grashoek.

More information:

Gallery Hoba

Hoba meteorite

World's largest meteorite

Beware of falling meteorites

Gallery Living Museum

A bushwalk with the San from Grashoek

Grashoek Living Museum

Bushmen in Namibia

Where we are

We are situated in Northern Namibia between Etosha and Kavango