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Accommodation and Camping in northern Namibia

Situated 5 km north of Grootfontein, Tigerquelle Guestfarm promises a relaxing stay between the Etosha National Park and the northern wetlands of Namibia like Kavango and Zambezi (Caprivi Strip).

Our vegetable and guest farm Tigerquelle

Vegetable Farm and friendly guest accommodation

The Tigerquelle Guest Farm is known for a customer-friendly service, an interesting owner and manager, and the excellent food, which mostly comes from the private organic garden and or from the neighboring wildlife farmers.

Tigerquelle dinner: Zebra steaks and asparagousTigerquelle dinner: Zebra steaks and asparagous

Tower roomTower room

Swimming pool and farmhouseSwimming pool and farmhouse

A tiger in Africa?

The name of our farm "Tigerquelle" (direct translation into English would be tiger fountain) is based on a mistranslation from the colonial period about 110 years ago. Boers, who settled in the area at that time called the farm land Tierfontein in their language. Tier means leopard in Afrikaans which is very close to Tiger in German. The German colonial forces, which took over the farm during their time in South West Africa, didn't translate the word tier fountain into Leopard fountain which would be right, but into Tiger fountain. Thus we come to our name "Tigerquelle".

Where we are

We are situated in Northern Namibia between Etosha and Kavango